Slab Leak Repair Services in Charlotte, NC

Slab leaks form under a home’s concrete slab foundation. When this happens, the soil surrounding the leaking sewer or water line will begin to shift farther from the foundation; in turn, this causes the foundation to become more vulnerable to cracking or settling. Slab leaks are not a common problem, but if they do occur they can result in major water and structural damage.  

M.D. Plumbing & Mechanical provides professional slab leak repair services throughout the Charlotte, NC, area. We will identify the source of the problem and help you resolve the issue safely and efficiently.

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Signs You’ll Need to Call Your Charlotte, NC, Slab Leak Repair Professional

  • Do you notice large cracks in your home’s foundation?

  • Does your floor feel warm or damp?

  • Are you noticing an unusual spike in your water bill?

When combined, these signs can point to a slab leak underneath your home. If you suspect a slab leak, don’t hesitate to contact our Charlotte, NC, slab leak repair team for immediate professional solutions. We have the technology, training, and experience to carry out an accurate leak detection, pinpoint the affected area, and provide a safe solution.

Slab Leak Repair Options for Charlotte, NC, Customers

Once the slab leak has been confirmed, we will go over your options for repair. This typically involves either a direct pipe replacement, pipe rerouting, or a trenchless spot repair. The best option for your home will depend on ease of access to the affected pipe and the extent of damage. Direct pipe replacement is often the most common solution, but we will take the time to discuss other possible options to make sure you receive the solution that works best for your home and your long-term peace of mind.

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