Sewer Replacement Services in Charlotte, NC

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Need a reliable plumbing professional to handle sewer replacement? M.D. Plumbing & Mechanical provides full-service sewer line replacement throughout the Charlotte, NC, area. We have the skills, technology, and training to deliver the best sewer solution for your home and will have your plumbing system running safely and efficiently without further hassle.

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Signs It’s Time to Call Your Charlotte, NC, Sewer Replacement Professional

If you have older sewer lines, they may need to be replaced if excessive problems are found. Older lines may show deterioration or severe damage. Corrosion, damage from tree roots, and leaks are also other problems that can affect older sewer lines.

Signs you may have a problem in the sewer line include: shower drains backing up when you flush, backed up or overflowing toilets, issues with multiple drains in your home, and recurring drain/toilet problems.

If you suspect that your drain problems stem from a deeper issue in the sewer line, contact our Charlotte, NC, sewer replacement team for professional troubleshooting.

What to Expect From Our Charlotte, NC, Sewer Replacement Services

Before our team begins work on your sewer line, we will need to identify and assess the source of damage. This will help us determine the best solution—whether it’s sewer replacement or sewer repair. We will carry out a video pipe inspection to check for leaks, cracks, tree root damage, and other issues that may be contributing to your sewer line problem. Once we have located the root of the problem, we will present you with the best course of action.

Sewer replacement typically involves major excavation, but we may recommend trenchless replacement or repair if this method is possible.

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